Offices Closing for Winter Break

NYU’s Office of Global Programs and Office of Global Services, as well as most other departments around NYU, will be closed for the winter break starting at 4pm EST on Friday, December 23rd. We will reopen on Wednesday, January 4th at 9am EST.  Both the Office of Global Programs and the Office of Global Services will not be monitoring voicemail or emails during this time.

We understand that questions may come up while our office is closed – if so, please use the “Search” tool within this blog to see if we have covered it already (in many cases, we have!). This blog is meant to be your main resource of things to know and do regarding Berlin, and can continue to assist in answering your questions even when we are not available.

Happy New Year and Best Wishes this Holiday Season!



What Should I Be Doing Now? Recap of Deadlines

The following items are required of all students attending NYU Berlin Spring 2017 and some of them are now PAST DUE.  Please click on the links below for more information. [Link the text below to the posts you have for these. If there are relevant OGS posts/deadlines to include, please add these in by your site too]

[Past Due] Study Away Confirmation Portal

[Past Due] Housing Reservation Payment

[Past Due] Register for 12-18 credits

[Past Due]  Submit health forms to the NYU Health Center

[Past Due]  Submit your flight details into the Study Away Confirmation Portal AND NYU Traveler

[By December 15]  Visiting Students: Submit a photo to the NYU ID Center (Current NYU Students – do not forget to bring your NYU ID with you!)

[By January 5]  Pay your ebill

[By January 15] Visiting Students: Complete NYU Health History Questionnaire & Immunization Documentation

Important Message for Students Enrolled in or Considering Enrolling in Topics in German Cinema

GERM-UA 9253 or SASEM-UG 9102   Topics in German Cinema 
Lecture and Seminar: Tuesdays 3:30-6:15pm
Screenings: Mondays 8:15-10:00pm
Instructor: Axel Bangert
Students enrolled in this class have the unique opportunity to be accredited for the Berlinale (The Berlin International Film Festival), one of the world’s leading film festivals and the largest publicly attended film festival in the world, taking place early in February. The Berlinale is part of the course program, yet in order to get personalized accreditation participating students need to be registered by December 19th. To register, please send an electronic passport-style photo to Julia Rogers (, together with your date of birth, place of birth (city & country) and nationality, as soon as possible and latest by December 19th. You must be enrolled in the course. You can of course still enroll for the course until the end of the the regular drop/add period in February, yet you will only receive Berlinale accreditations if you registered by December 19th. Unfortunately, no late accreditations are accepted.
Any questions: please do not hesitate to contact NYU Berlin’s Julia Rogers (
Course Description:

Berlin is one of the most well-known film cities in the world. This course wants to introduce you to the study of German cinema by looking at changing images of the city since the postwar period. The course will begin with an introduction to film analysis, giving special attention to the relationship between film and city. We will go on to discuss a number of influential productions from East, West and reunified Germany, and draw comparisons to other German as well as non-German city films. Through seminar discussions, reading responses, and critical essays, you will gain an understanding of how the cinema has engaged with the city of Berlin and its transformations since the end of the Second World War.

NYU ID Cards

Getting your NYU student ID, known around campus as your NYUCard, is now easier than ever.

First-time card holders: visit to submit a photo online and, once approved by the NYUCard Center team, have your NYUCard created. Visiting students, please submit a photo ASAP so it can be processed and sent to your study away site ahead of your arrival. The final deadline to submit this is Tuesday, December 15.

Note:  If you receive an automated message after submission instructing you to pick your card up at the ID Center, please disregard.  Your ID will be sent directly to NYU Berlin.

Current and returning students:  Please remember to bring your NYU ID card with you to your study away site! Apply for and pick up a replacement card if you need one by visiting the NYUCard Center or respective campus location, depending on your school. For details, please click here.

Pre-Departure Orientation Recap & Make-Up Quiz

For those of you who could not attend the in-person session, we missed you, but don’t despair. While there is no way we can replicate the orientation, you can view a version of the presentation here: NYU Berlin Pre-Departure Orientation Spring 2017 presentation.

For those who were not at the session, please ensure to read through the presentation in its entirety as I will be sending you a mandatory quiz to test your knowledge and make sure you know the essential information!

Some key points to remember from the orientation:

  • Tisch Professional Track Students: Remember that this information mostly applies to you, but check the “What’s Different” document to be sure you know
  • On-site orientation is Mandatory! All students must arrive on January 23.
  • Please note that housing is ONLY available during the dates of the program, January 23 – May 20!
  • All class attendance and course related field trips are mandatory.  Do not book personal travel until you have arrived and confirmed your syllabi.
  • Bring all the prescription drugs you will need for your entire stay. Make sure you talk to your doctor about getting a prescription for any medication you take regularly for the full 4 months. Do NOT ship medication overseas.

If you have any questions or concerns after you have read through the presentation, feel free to email me.  To be put in touch with an NYU Berlin alum, email

Preparing for Course Registration

Preparing for Course Registration

Please review the following important information and resources in advance of course registration next week:

  • Registering for Courses – The registering for courses page provides instructions on how to register for Study Away courses in Albert, how to find your appointment time, and answers to other registration FAQs.
  • Use the “Shopping Cart” & “Validate” tools in Albert to plan your schedule. Validating your courses now can help you identify any issues with prerequisites and restrictions ahead of time and get assistance BEFORE registration begins. If you are unable to validate one of your courses email for assistance. You can review registration guides for step-by-step instructions on how to validate, add, drop, swap and more! (Some days/times, prerequisites and notes have changed since the course search went live so we recommend validating again if you have not done so recently.)
  • Academic Policies and Procedures for Study Away – This page contains important information regarding academic policies including the Attendance Policy, Language Course Requirement, Procedures for declaring pass/fail, etc
  • Course Evaluation Results – Course evaluation results for study away courses are available to students with an active netID.

Visiting students:

  • You will be able to register on the morning of  Wednesday, November 18th by 9:40 am EDT.  You may view your exact appointment time in Albert.  If you see a day or time that is after 9:40 am, please let us know at
  • Validate your courses now and email right away to get permission numbers for courses with prerequisites that you cannot validate. You will not be able to register for these courses if you do not take this step.

Required Orientation Vision Statement

All students who begin their first semester at NYU Berlin are required to attend all orientation events marked as “required” on the orientation schedule, which will be shared 1.5 weeks prior to arrival. Orientation takes place from January 23-27, 2017.

Our Orientation schedule reflects our awareness of the challenges students face when transitioning into a new environment as well as our respect of students’ time and energy. We thus design orientation week focusing on themes that cannot be communicated exclusively through student handbooks, webinars, or other off- and on-line resources. Orientation provides you with a background to the history of Germany and Berlin, including discussions on identity, diversity, and cosmopolitanism; on foreign policy, energy policy, and development aid; and on issues of historical responsibility and how it shapes present-day identity and action. As part of a comprehensive introduction to the histories and cultures of Germany and its capital, students will also acquire German language skills.

Attendance of all mandatory orientation sessions ensures that students are aware of and know how to access important resources so that they can excel academically, experience immersion, as well as contribute to keeping our communities safe. It includes registration with our partner university and the German authorities as well as education about the legal framework of your study away experience. Orientation will also familiarize you with the academic program and the community of lecturers.

The required orientation activities are complemented by a varied selection of optional events designed for small groups, such as film screenings, museum visits, and  events that engage the city, its spaces and communities.  German students and tandem partners participate in some of these events. We believe that, by forging together an authentically trans-cultural and inclusive community, we create opportunities for all of us to expand our ethical leadership skills and contribute in meaningful ways to our host society.

Make-Up Regulations Regarding Absences from Required Orientation Sessions:

Students who miss any aspect of the Academic Orientation are required to:

  • participate in a Make-Up Introduction to Berlin’s and Germany’s Past and Present, to be held on Saturday, January 28, 2017;
  • write a 500 word essay on the continuities and discontinuities of German history from 1800 to the present, drawing on assigned readings, and submit the assignment to the Site Director by Thursday, February 9, 2017.

Students who miss the Student Life & Wellness Orientation are required to:

  • participate in a Make-Up Orientation on Saturday, January 28, 2017;
  • contribute to the design and the delivery of the Transitions workshop, facilitated by Student Life and Wellness staff in May. This will involve a written storytelling exercise to be submitted to the Assistant Director for Student Life by March 20, 2017, as well as facilitation of part of the workshop. 

Welcome Newly Admitted Students


Welcome to the newest NYU Berlin admitted students! As I mentioned in your acceptance email, this blog has been created to keep you on track with your preparations for the fall semester abroad.  For tips on how to best navigate the blog, please watch the short “Start Here! Video.

A good way to get up to speed quickly is to click through the topic headers as well as the October To-Dos  at the top of the blog home page. Please review the Required To-Dos within the header and click on the links for more details. You’ll notice that some of the deadlines may have passed – please do not be overly concerned about this. You should aim to complete these steps ASAP and to carefully review all the previous posts to ensure you are up to date.

Of course, do not hesitate to email me directly if you have any follow up questions.

Complete the Study Away Module

All NYU Study Away participants are required to complete the Study Away Module.

It contains information about important requirements, resources and offices you need to be aware of as you prepare to study away. It covers logistical information that is consistent across NYU study away sites so that we are able to focus on NYU Berlin-specific information during the in-person pre-departure orientation.

The module consists of a webinar, a short questionnaire and travel release confirmation. It should only take you about 5-6 minutes to complete from start to finish. When you are ready to begin the module you can access it by clicking on the link below.

Study Away Module                                                                          

Please note that it is mandatory to complete the Study Away Module for all students. Remember that students currently in New York must also attend the in-person orientation.