Mail from Berlin: Meet Not One but Two SPCs

Soon you will be wandering the halls of the NYU Berlin Academic Center (AC). There you will encounter a number of people, some of whom you have already read about on this blog. Some of them you will meet on a daily basis, some work a little bit more behind the scenes. Among the latter is the operations team, of which Dominik and Lygia are part. Coincidentally, both their job titles get abbreviated to “SPC”, which might or might not be the reason why they are at times considered to be two aspects of the same person.

Dominik especially enjoys behind-the-scene work, as he has a background in theater (though he also quite likes the limelight, he would admit if pressed). Despite his affinity to shadowy work he might in fact be among the first NYU Berlin staffers you will meet, since he will be welcoming everybody who is coming into Tegel Airport on arrival day, January 23. When he is not spending a busy day at an airport, Dominik is responsible for coordinating Summer Programs in Berlin and J-Terms. As such, he will have just taken care of a group from NYU Abu Dhabi visiting Berlin for three weeks in January just before you land. Summers at NYU Berlin are even busier, as each year between June and August, different NYU schools send programs to Berlin. Their duration and the programming of each program vary as much as the city itself.

Lygia ilygias considered by many to be the person without whom the Academic Center would grind to a halt. Her responsibilities are more numerous than this blog would allow for but suffice it to say that from a growing role in accounting, to the selection of furni
ture or the smooth running of events, she has had at least a hand in it.

Sometimes, you will notice neither one for days, sometimes the two of them seem to all over the AC. You might come into a seminar room and Lygia or Dominik (or, if things get really tricky, both of them) will be there, setting up a piece of equipment, repairing computers, linking printers, connecting microphones, making their form of magic happen. If you have a problem, and if you need to find them, pay a visit to the Operations Office which Lygia shares with André, our Finance and Operations Manager. Or come by the Office of Administration where Dominik sits, most of the time joined by other colleagues, like a member of the ResLife staff on rotation in the AC.

Lygia and Dominik also share the position of GRI coordinator. The Global Research Institute’s space in Berlin is on the fourth floor of the Academic Center, overlooking the rooftops of Prenzlauer Berg, where the SPCs also have a desk. Up to dominik11 fellows can stay in the beautiful offices up on the fourth floor to do research on their dissertation or faculty project. The GRI floor also hosts conferences and special lectures on some evenings over the semester. These are also occasions for you to come up there and get a next-level viewpoint of the Kulturbrauerei. At other times, GRI fellows will join you on the first and second floor for lectures and seminars during the day.

No matter in what role you might need either of them, both Lygia and Dominik will be more than happy to help you make the most of your stay in Berlin and are looking forward very much to meeting each and every one of you.



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