Mail from Berlin: Welcome from Wellness!

Dear future NYU Berlin Students,

Very soon we will welcome you in Berlin. During your semester here you will learn about your host country’s culture, language, and history in a transnational context, but also challenge yourselves and grow academically, professionally, and personally. Berlin is fast and slow, old and new at the same time. The city is constantly reinventing itself and inspires the Berliners to do the same. A famous song by Paul Lincke praises the “Berliner Luft” – “Air of Berlin” – as the free spirit you can encounter here. So, hopefully Berlin’s energy will win you over.

As a new Berliner, you will need to actively reach out and participate in the Berlin community life to make new friends within and beyond the university community. Allow yourself the time and the energy that is needed to settle in and get comfortable with the new and unfamiliar culture as well as new sides of yourself. Studying abroad, you will develop a whole new skill set and the NYU Berlin staff is here to accompany and support you!

The on-site Wellness Counselor is one of your many resources at NYU Berlin. Those of you coming from NYU New York may know Wellness as the resource on 726 Broadway where one goes for emergencies, for counseling appointments, and for help when things really seem out of place. In Berlin, Wellness is this and much more. While we are, of course, there for you in times of crisis, our focus is on comprehensive and proactive support. For us Wellness promotes a healthy psychological life style similar to a healthy diet, sufficient exercise, or dental hygiene. It also supports the development of a broader skill set for shared support, guided reflection, and holistic leadership acquisition. Our first Wellness Counselor, Dr. Janice Abarbanel, coined the term “Emotional Passport” – a skill set for recognizing rising anxiety or shifting moods and having healthy capacities to disengage, regroup, and then return to one’s purpose or goals. Students carrying such will be more resilient and more capable in shifting cultures while retaining the capacity to focus on academic success. Once you are here, you will hear a lot more about Wellness support during orientation and how you can access Wellness for a broad range of concerns.

Remember: Studying away is not a journey one takes alone – it’s a guided process and you will be welcomed in Berlin by our enthusiastic staff. Bis bald in Berlin!

Introducing our Wellness Counselor Sara Zeugmann


I was very happy to join the NYU Berlin team last year. Prior to the position at NYU Berlin, I worked at the Charité – University Hospital in Berlin, Germany, as Head of Clinical Psychology. I specialized in offering English speaking therapy to expats in Berlin in private practice and acted as a supervisor for the German Society of Behavioral Psychotherapy. I am also teaching psychotherapy at different schools and universities. My areas of expertise include the treatment of depression (acute and chronic) as well as bipolar disorders, stress management, anxiety and panic disorders, OCD, schizophrenia and psychotic disorders, personality and self-worth problems using CBT, mindfulness-based therapy, schema-therapy, and emotionally-focused techniques.

Breaking the taboo around mental health is very dear to me. Hence, promoting approachability of our services as well as a healthy life-style is one of my major goals.

My office is located in The Retreat on the second floor of the NYU Berlin Academic Center. I look forward to meeting and getting to know you. Please feel free to come by my office, even if just to introduce yourself or getting to know me. You can of course also e-mail me or call to make an appointment.

See you soon in Berlin!


Dr. Sara Zeugmann
Clinical Wellness Counselor
NYU Berlin
Schönhauser Allee 36, Haus 2 F
10435 Berlin
+49 (0) 30-290 291001


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