Mail from Berlin: Letter from the Director

Dear NYU Berlin Students,


NYUB staff and visiting GRI fellow, Daniel Walkowitz, Professor of SCA and of History, NYU, NY

We are thrilled that you have picked Europe’s most exciting capital for your studies. Berlin is a nexus of youth culture and the international arts scene and a vanguard of sustainable energy, technical development and global politics and economics. A bridge between Eastern and Western Europe, the city has seen amazing transformations in the space of just a century, witnessing Imperial Germany, the Weimar Republic, the roaring 1920s, and Hitler’s Nazi regime; Berlin has been the divided front-line city of the Cold War and the hotspot of alternative culture and nightlife, and Berliners marked the joyful end of the Cold War when, one night in November 1989, they climbed over the infamous Berlin Wall. Germany has emerged from reunification as Europe’s power broker and a leader in the arts, environmental policies, and human rights. The country has currently opened its doors to hundreds of thousands of refugees and is welcoming with some apprehension the anticipated societal change.

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